odds w​/​o ends

by That Silvery Vagabond

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Songs without homes.


released September 22, 2018




That Silvery Vagabond Ithaca, New York

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Track Name: Tell It Like It Was
You make it look so easy
To forget about all you said
And I guess your moving on
There's so much else to be done

Then what makes it so damn tough
For me to do the same
I guess you were already gone
By the time I saw that face

I'd ask for a miracle
But what would I call what I've got
And though it may be time to go
I'll never say good-bye

Let's not fight
In front of them again

And what does this all mean
The answer is nothing much
How am I gonna live without
I guess I just don't know
Track Name: Yellow (Sparse As Possible Version)
I said good-bye to everything I'd known, all I'd owned.
I'll spend my life, I'll spend my summers on the roam,
And I know I'm a rolling stone.

Yellow streetlights on the side of the road, how they glow.
They blind my eyes, they blind my view of the starry dome,
And I know I could have flown.

I hitchhiked all this way alone, on my own.
I found one thing, I found out there's no place like home,
And I know I haven't grown.
Track Name: Experience
You know that you mention it
I don't know where my body went
And though I may have said I'd quit
Let's go smoke another cigarette

And I always said I'd be with you
That lie looks to be becoming true
With time I hope that I can finally lose
The kinds of friends I'd have to introduce

Okay, I think I may have had too much
And they are probably wondering about us
But hey, I never ever felt in touch
The way I am with you
Track Name: Constellate
How was I supposed to tell, to tell you how?
How was I supposed to tell, to tell you how?
To see the stars the way I do. You wanted to see too.
To see the stars the way I do, the way I knew you wanted to see too.
Track Name: Post
We live among them
But no one knows what we have done
Though the fog is lifting
The clouds are falling twice as far

The war is over
But the battle's just begun
Track Name: Don't Delay
Put me on the wait list
Becoming weightless
Put me in the long queue
Thank you thank you

Don't delay
Ein deux tres

Take your side from thorn
What's this cuneiform
Record set to song cue
Thank you thank you

Don't delay
Ein deux tres

Put me on the wait list
Becoming weightless
Put me in the long queue
Thank you thank you
Track Name: Encounter
Hey, I saw you across the room.
Well, why didn't you come over sooner?
I don't know, I wasn't sure you wanted to talk.
Well, of course I do! You think I want to stand over here by myself?

So, how've you been doing?
Well, y'know, nothing really,
That's nice.
It's so good to see you again.
Yeah, same here. Look, I should get going.

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